Elementary school sweethearts get engaged at former school

Now in their 20s, elementary school sweethearts get engaged at former school

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Young love, it’s a tale as old as time.

For Jordan Davis and Blake Siddle, it’s just part of their history.

The two met in elementary school at Quail Run Elementary in Tucson.

While in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, their love grew between passing notes in the hallway.

The problem? They had a Romeo-Juliet type of love.

“She was like my first girlfriend, well, as much as a girlfriend can be in fifth grade,” Siddle said.

The star-crossed lovers weren’t allowed to see each other after a while.

“He was the bad boy, and I was like, the good girl,” Davis said.

They kept their love blossoming until junior high, when they went to different schools.

During Davis’ senior year, there was a chance to rekindle what they had.

“We went to Wendy’s and it was horrible,” she said.

“It was the worst date ever," he said. “I did not like her at all.”

It wasn’t their glass-slipper moment and the two went their separate ways.

“We didn’t talk for like a year,” Davis said.

The third time turned out to be the charm.

Eventually, Davis messaged Siddle on Facebook and the two reconnected.

A few years later, they found themselves back at Quail Run. It was the day after Davis’ birthday and Siddle made sure it was a special visit.

In the courtyard of their elementary school, he chalked in large, block letters “MESSH Marry Me.”

“It’s my elementary school sweetheart,” Davis said. “I couldn’t read the MESSH part of it, so I thought it said someone else’s name at first!”

Siddle got on one knee and Davis said yes to her elementary school sweetheart.

“I love everything about her, she makes me happy and supports me in everything I do,” Siddle said. “It’s awesome. It’s the greatest thing ever.”

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