SAFETY FIRST: A Mountain finally goes car-free

A Mountain car free Mondays

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - After a lot of public input and discussion, A Mountain in Tucson was closed to vehicle traffic on Monday, Nov. 11.

It was the first of many “car-free” Mondays to come, a new initiative after a cyclist was hit and killed by a driver last year.

KOLD News 13 cameras caught dozens of cars trying to get up the mountain. Each was forced to turn around, some heading down disappointed.

For others like Homer Cersosimo it was a welcome sight.

He said he made his way to A Mountain early Monday morning to catch a Mercury in transit.

“My plan was originally to go up the mountain to take pictures of Mercury ,” Cersosimo said.

Little did he know, he’d stumble upon another rare sight.

“Looks like I was not the only one surprised by this event,” Cersosimo said of the open road. “Cyclists were very happy.

That includes cyclists like Evan Gossell, who rides the mountain when he can after having a stroke six years ago.

“It’s just an active recovery tool for me just to keep active and keep my balance going,” Gossell said.

He was excited for many things on this Veterans Day.

"The view and I guess, no cars," said Gossell. "It's pretty awesome, I'm trying to set some personal records."

Cersosimo shared the same love for the view and understands the new safety measures being taken. He hopes others will feel the same.

"I do hope the word spreads like it did for me," he said.

Monday is the only day roads leading up to A Mountain are vehicle-free. Otherwise, cars may head up to the top Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. This is a part of a pilot program within the City of Tucson. They’ll collect data and study it over the next six months.

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