Camel, cow and donkey caught on the lam

‘Everybody was coming up and petting them’

Camel, cow, and donkey caught running away from Goddard, Kansas, home

GODDARD, Kan. (KWCH/Gray News) – A cow, a donkey and a camel walk into a neighborhood.

It sounds like the opening line to a joke or the start of a Christmas story.

The unlikely trio appeared in the neighborhood east of Goddard Sunday afternoon and immediately attracted a crowd.

“We were just coming back from picking up a friend and came into the trailer park and the first thing we see is: ‘Hey, there’s a cow, wait a minute, that’s a donkey, and that’s a camel,’ and we had all three,” Trudy Wilcox told KWCH.

Neighbors called 911.

The Goddard Police Department responded and popped a picture of the unlikely trio on its Facebook book page.

“Does anyone know the owners of these three friends traveling together (towards a Northern star) just East of Goddard?” the post asked. “If we cannot locate the owner, we may be halfway towards a live nativity this Christmas season.”

UPDATE- The Owner has been located. Does anyone know the owners of these three friends traveling together (towards a...

Posted by Goddard Police Department on Sunday, November 17, 2019

But it wasn’t long before the owner was found and all three animal friends were back home.

“Everybody was coming up and petting them, calling their family on their phones to come over and the animals were just sucking it up, they liked it” said Wilcox.

With Christmas lights already up on some homes, the arrival of the animals added even more holiday spirit to the neighborhood.

“We thought it was only missing the sheep because you had the cow, a camel and a donkey all in the nativity,” said Kevin Wilcox. “I just thought that was kind of a cool thing this close to Christmas.”

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