Phone scam targets veterans

VA: There is never a need for the VA to get your credit card information over the phone

Phone scam targets veterans

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Southern Arizona VA has put out a warning about a phone scam that has already targeted thousands of veterans.

Here’s how it works. The scammers call on a 1-800 phone number, manipulating it to look like the call is coming from the VA. Once you answer the phone, the scammers use a script to try and get what they want from you.

First they try to get your home address and your date of birth. If you answer those questions, they transfer you to what they call a finance department. This is the second phase of the scam, in which they try to get you to verify your social security number and give some credit card information. They use words such as, “We just need your credit card for our file, we won’t use it. We just need it just in case.”

The VA says if you get this type of call it is a scam - there is never a need for the VA to get your credit card information over the phone.

The Better Business Bureau advises that if you get a call from a number you don’t recognize, just let it ring. Let the caller leave a voice mail, then listen to the message. Then find a trustworthy number for that business to use to make a follow-up call if you still need to verify the message. If you do answer, ask questions to get as much information from the scammer as you can.

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