PCSD releases report from quadruple amputee arrest

Report released in quad amputee arrest case

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Pima County Sheriff's Department released the incident report written by Deputy Manuel Van Santen following an altercation with a teenage boy who had no arms and no legs.

Van Santen is under criminal investigation by the department for his actions concerning the Sept. 26, 2019 incident at a group home on Tucson’s South side.

The deputy was responding to a call about an unruly resident at the home who had kicked over a trash can and verbally abused a worker in the home.

In the report, Van Santen said when he arrived the teen boy, Immanuel, was extremely agitated and kept telling me to "get the f*** out of my way n*****.

Van Santen said he told the boy to calm down but the teen "tried to push his way past me."

That's when a struggle ensured which ended with the officer on top of the boy trying to calm him down.

The boy, Immanuel can be heard screaming for the officer to get off the top of him.

After the situation seemed to settle down, the officer yelled, cursing at Immanuel just inches from his face.

Van Santen also arrested the teenage who shot the video on a cell phone.

He charged the 16-year-old, known as CJ in the report, with being “extremely disruptive and interfering with our investigation.”

Van Santen said "I pushed his head forward against the wall" when the teen tried prevent the officer from placing him in handcuffs.

But the Pima County Public Defenders office disputes the officers version of the events.

In the report, Van Santen said Immanuel "squirmed and wriggled around in a violent fashion."

“I don’t know how a 15-year-old with no limbs squirms and wriggles in a violent fashion,” said Public Defender Joel Feinman. “Much less a fashion that justifies being assaulted by an armed police officer.”

No where in the Van Santen report does he mention the incident may have been taped even though he confronts the teen about it.

CJ hands the camera off to another youth who then taped DJ being arrested and having his head banged against the wall.

“Do you see a 16-year-old resisting arrest,” Feinman asks. “Or do you seen an armed deputy assault a 16-year-old for no good reason.”

While viewing the video Feinman asks "where's the resisting arrest, where is the struggling against being handcuffed, where's the tensing of the muscles."

Feinman says it's not seen because it "doesn't exist."

The Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier issued a statement today saying it will be his final statement until the criminal investigation is complete. You can find that here.

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