‘Don’t panic and always bring a towel’: El Tour de Tucson riders pedal on through rain before the race

Competitors prep for El Tour de Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Dark clouds hovered over Tucson, with scattered storms around the metro area, but that didn’t stop outdoor enthusiasts from hitting the trails.

Damion Alexander kept his lunch bike ride as usual. He’s keeping us his training for the El Tour de Tucson, which takes place Saturday, Nov. 23. Rain or shine, he’s out on the loop and in the saddle.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, but there is the wrong clothing,” Alexander said.

He keeps his rain jacket on him and is used to riding in whatever mother nature throws his way. A few years ago, he rode every single day for a year, and yes, that includes during monsoon.

“I learned that from Douglas Adams, (in) Hitchhiker’s Guide of the Galaxy, don’t panic and always bring a towel,” he said.

Just like Alexander’s Wednesday ride, El Tour de Tucson will go on, rain or shine. Organizers have plenty of tents for the race and have alternate routes and contingencies if any weather event occurs. However, cyclists shouldn’t expect a rainy course come race day.

Organizers say, out of 37 years, it has only rained once on El Tour in 2013.

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