Forget political conversation on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and politics- why they don't mix

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Conventional wisdom tells us Thanksgiving is an especially busy day for law enforcement because it’s a time when family gets together and politics will consume friendly relationships.

But that may be wrong.

“Specifically to the domestic violence, there’s not necessarily a huge increase on the holidays,” said Pima County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Deputy Marissa Hernandez. “We get the really big jumps in summer.”

Hernandez said she checked with official records to see if there was a spike on Thanksgiving and she was told “no.”

So why might that be?

In part it seems, because many families set ground rules for Thanksgiving dinner get togethers.

“I think it’s best to avoid it if you think there’s a problem,” said Susan Batemen. “Just keep it to things people can agree on.”

Victoria Blakley hosts 20 people for Thanksgiving and says “we do not discuss politics at Thanksgiving.”

She said that rule has been in place "for as long as I can remember.:

Nicole Newman said “we have differing opinions in our family so we try not to let it ruin our day."

Or maybe the best medicine is just to ignore politics altogether.

“My family hasn’t really discussed it at all,” said said Janice Blackhurst. “It hasn’t come up at all.”

Or maybe it’s just because people are so burned out of the 24/7 coverage of the impeachment hearings, that there’s no reason to talk about it anymore. Both sides are pretty well established on their view.

“I think the community is pretty exhausted,” said Deputy Hernandez. “I know among my friends and family, because it’s everywhere, people are just exhausted.”

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