10 tips for a fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday

10 tips for a fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday
Seniors age 60 and older living in East Baton Rouge Parish are invited to attend EBRCOA's Thanksgiving dinner and dance on Nov. 21. (Source: unsplash.com)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - We’re just a few days out from Thanksgiving 2019 and you might be wondering how to make sure you have a fun and safe holiday. Here are some tips to make sure this year goes smoothly.

Avoid the stress of it all, ask for help

Ask those attending for any help they might be able to provide. Don’t take on the stress of hosting and cooking if you don’t think you can handle it all yourself.

Prep in advance

Don’t like cooking all day? Prep a few things in advance! Sautée veggie add ins; make the cranberry sauce the night before. Don’t wait till the day of to do everything if you hate cooking all day.

Stay in the kitchen when cooking

Make sure someone is in the kitchen at all times when cooking food to avoid burnt meals or worse...

Make sure kids stay away from hot foods and liquids

Keep children back when transporting hot food and liquids to avoid messy spills and accidental burns.

Do not pour cooking oil down the drain

Pouring cooking oil down your drain can clog your pipes and the city sewer systems. Store, don’t pour and take your left over oil to a designated collection site.

Make sure to turn off all cooking appliances after use

Avoid fires by making sure all cooking appliances are turned off after use.

Have a fire extinguisher handy

If there will be a lot of cooking going on in your home for the holiday, make sure to have a fire extinguisher ready. Thanksgiving is known as one of the busiest holidays of the year for firefighters.

Make sure smoke alarms are working

If you are expecting a lot of guests, make sure all fire alarms are working so that in the event of an emergency, the fire alarm is able to signal everyone in the home to exit quickly.

Avoid talking about politics at the table

Expecting guests with opposing political views? Avoid the politics conversation to save any awkward moments at the table. Here’s more info on politics at Thanksgiving.

Give back to others

Looking to make a difference in your community? There are many in need of food on Thanksgiving. The Gospel Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army are asking for donations for those in need this holiday.

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