Someone stole baby Jesus from Texas family’s Nativity scene

Baby Jesus stolen form Nativity scene

PARKER COUNTY, Texas (KTVT/CNN) - With less than a month to go until Christmas, someone stole baby Jesus out of a front lawn Nativity scene in Texas.

This was the first year for the Washburn family’s new $1,000 Nativity set. But just four hours after they put up their display, a security camera captured images as a woman stepped into the brightly lit scene to steal the star of the show.

"We didn't expect someone to take baby Jesus," Pam Washburn said.

The theft left Mary and Joseph with no one to dote on.

Even Sheriff Larry Fowler seemed surprised.

"The manger, they took that too," Fowler said. “That’s the bottom of the barrel.”

In Plano’s Deerfield neighborhood, the Farahmands take Christmas seriously.

"It's a real thrill," Nancy Farahmand proclaimed.

While they know can’t eliminate the threat of thieves, they can make their decorations hard to steal.

They have a security system and a border to make the yard just a little less accessible.

"They're going to have to make their way around the perimeter,” Farahmand explained. “Then we have security cameras."

If someone makes it that far, Farahmand thinks it’s pretty sad to steal Christmas decorations.

"They're worse than the scrooge," she said.

A positive perspective about the meaning of Christmas helps, too.

"Maybe somebody needs Jesus more than we do," Washburn said.

Law enforcement recommends securing your holiday decorations with anchors or cables. You can also set up motion detector lights or visible cameras.

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