Restaurant open on Thanksgiving to benefit cook in Tucson

Restaurant open on Thanksgiving to benefit cook in Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Before they share Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones, staff at Taco Giro on Grande Avenue in Tucson will spend the first half of the holiday with their work family.

The owner is donating the day’s earnings, while the kitchen and wait staff are donating their time for one of their own. Tony Aguirre, a cook for the last seven years, has been doing all he can to support his ailing wife, who needs a kidney transplant.

She’s staying with loved ones in Mexico, Aguirre said. The couple’s three children are there with her. In lieu of a transplant, she goes through dialysis treatment several times a week.

Her sister offered to donate a kidney, but Aguirre said their insurance isn’t covering everything. They’re roughly $30,000 short.

What started as raffles in the restaurant has grown into a full day’s worth of donations. Aguirre couldn’t believe it.

"All the owners are like family right here," he said. "It's my second family and that's fine."

Some food vendors have donated supplies for Thursday. Other Taco Giro locations will be closed so interested employees can volunteer their time. Owner Javier Ramos said there was no doubt they were going to help Aguirre.

"The truth is, I don't really have the words for Tony," he said. "He's a good worker. He's family and we help our people."

The hours for Tony’s Thanksgiving fundraiser will be 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To donate, check out the GoFundMe account here.

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