Regina Romero sworn in as Tucson’s first woman mayor

Regina Romero sworn in as first woman mayor in Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Democrat, Regina Romero, has been sworn in as Tucson’s first ever woman mayor, a city which had its roots in 1775.

She follows Jonathan Rothschild, who is stepping down after two terms.

She was sworn in with new members Lane Santa Cruz who will represent Ward 1 and Nikki Lee, who will represent Ward 4, where 24 year veteran, Shirley Scott, decided to step down.

Ward 2's Paul Cunningham was re-elected.

Romero began her day with a half hour press conference laying out her priorities over the next four years.

Those include working with the business community to continue the economic development and infrastructure plans which have germinated over the past eight years.

She says business in the best way to "insure a vibrant community."

At the same time environmentalism is high on her priority list which is why she's moving ahead with a plan to plant a million trees in Tucson by 2030.

"Trees are the lungs of Tucson and help us all breathe," she said.

She believes climate change is an issue of great importance which needs immediate attention.

She's also an activist going back to her college days.

"I fight for all those issues that really stir a passion in my heart," she said. "That student activist that I was, I still have in me and I'm loud about it."

Romero also has two young children at home becoming which means children's issues are likely to become a priority as well.

Along with Lee, Santa Cruz and Cunningham "between the four of us we have 12 children under the age of 16."

Immigration will also be a top priority.

One of her first orders of business will be ask the council to pass a memorial condemning the Trump administration’s immigration policies and asking Washington to provide funding to Tucson’s migrant effort.

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