‘Snow’ other way to spend a Monday, a taste of winter on Mt. Lemmon

Snow on Mt. Lemmon

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Fresh off a busy holiday weekend, plenty of folks up made their way up Mount Lemmon on Monday.

The Armenta family enjoyed a day off of school.

"We like being with our families and create memories," said Bella Armenta. These are memories she and her brother, Andrew, have made almost ever year.

The family has made it a tradition to escape Tucson and get outdoors as often as they can.

"They actually get along up here," said Ricky Armenta, Bella and Andrew's dad. "They get along at home, but up here it's more relaxed."

The Mount Lemmon area saw at least six inches of snow over the long weekend.

"You get the best of both worlds," said Kylie Noakes, who also climbed in altitude for a taste of winter. "We had a nice little cold spell. Now it's almost 70 again.

Climbing in altitude and dropping in temperature was just what she needed for the day - with a relatively nice day in the Old Pueblo.

It's these people that bring the Mount Lemmon General Store big business.

General Manager Leanne Mack says she loves playing a part in making a snow day extra special.

"It's very nice to have that and know you played a big part in their day and helped them enjoy it," said Mack.

A day as sweet as fudge, which the Armentas couldn't pass up after playing outside.

But though the snow melts and the day ends, there's always anticipation ahead of next time.

Those who live and work on the mountain do want to remind people to take their trash with them after they leave.

Pack in and pack out.

Dozens of sleds and pieces of garbage were left behind after the crazy busy crowds this last weekend.

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