City of Tucson launches e-scooter survey during pilot program

City of Tucson launches e-scooter survey during pilot program
Even with all the hype, a lot of e-scooters were sitting along the road waiting to be used in Tucson after they debuted on Thursday, Sept. 12. (Source: KOLD News 13)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The City of Tucson launched an E-Scooter Pilot Program Survey to help better understand ridership and evaluate the impact of scooters on the community during the six-month pilot program.

The survey is part of a larger evaluation effort the city is undertaking.

In addition, this evaluation will be based on feedback from community groups and stakeholders, detailed ridership data, injury reports from Tucson hospitals, company compliance with the permit requirements, and information on complaints from the community. The results of enforcement actions and feedback from city departments impacted by the program will also be taken into account.

Over 30,000 individuals have taken over 131,000 trips on e-scooters during the first three months of the pilot program for an average of approximately 1,500 trips per day.

The City of Tucson is encouraging everyone to take this survey, regardless of whether or not they have ridden a scooter during the pilot program.

For full details about Tucson’s e-scooter share pilot program, information on how to report a scooter issue, and safety tips to know before you ride, visit:

The E-Scooter Pilot Program Survey will be available online through February 2020.

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