Artistically able: Teamwork, technique help people of all abilities make masterpieces

Artistically able

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Art gives so many of the chance to express themselves.

“I can’t imagine not painting,” Harriet Morton said. She’s been an artist for as long as she can remember.

"All my life," she said. "69 years."

Morton is always picking up a brush and creating something unique.

"Why would you go from painting all the time to not?," she asked. "Because what if I couldn't?"

The idea that he couldn't was once a reality for Julian Dombrowski.

"I'm still mourning the fact that I lost to use my hands in that way," he said. Dombrowski grew up with Duschenes, a form of muscular dystrophy.

It's a disease that's taken many things from him over the years.

“I could feed myself. I can’t do that anymore,” Dombrowski said. “I could also breathe on my own.”

The last time he says he was able to create art with his own hands was when he was 16.

“Painting is just something that is near and dear to me,” he said. “It purges the emotions.”

But in a room at Arts for All off of Oracle Road, Morton taught Dombrowski he can still do anything he puts his mind to.

“We put on the paper what I have in my mind,” he said.

That makes everything he creates with Morton his art, even if he’s not the one physically painting it. All it takes is a little communication.

“He holds the brush with his words,” Morton said.

They've been a team for 17 years.

“She puts it into reality,” Dombrowski said.

While Dombrowski uses words, other artists may use the lasers to get their point across.

This teamwork is a part of a program under the Arts for All umbrella.

The goal is to make sure everyone feels artistically able.

“Adapt to your circumstance,” Dombrowski said. “You can interpret it however you want.”

A lesson both say can be applied to just about anything. Since we all start from the same point, staring at the blank canvas and wondering what to make of it.

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