Winterhaven residents prep for a busy opening weekend

Winterhaven preps for opening weekend

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - It's a night full of hustle and bustle.

Friday night, residents inside the Winterhaven neighborhood in midtown Tucson spent their evening prepping for the big opening day on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019.

For some, it was a day for finishing touches. For others, like Karen Miller, it was a day to finish nearly all of it.

“I feel like we’re behind schedule," Miller said jokingly. "This year it’s a real push because we’ve had just a couple of days to do this.”

Here on the corner of Forgeus Avenue and Kleindale Road, at the only house with snow, Miller and her husband are busy.

“We still have to hang lights from the rooftop we still have to put the fencing up around the rest of the house we still have lights to put down in the front of the house,” Miller said.

It’s a similar story for Jim and Allyson Tofel.

“I took the whole day off work. I used a vacation day just to get this finished," Jim Tofel said.

For nearly two decades they’ve decorated their yard with Disney princesses, each and every single one made by hand.

“He cuts them all out with his saw and that’s when we start painting and that’s when they come alive because we work hard to be very intricate with our colors,” Allyson Tofel said about her husband.

It’s within the fine details, the 52 hours spent painting their three newest cutouts, that you realize how much goes into this holiday staple.

“I don’t know that really anybody understands how much work goes into this. And it’s not just us it’s the board, the volunteers and Tucson Electric Power," Jim Tofel said.

But in between the mad dash to finish, ask anyone here and they’ll tell you it’s a labor of love.

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