Stranger with good heart saves Christmas for Tucson family

A wallet full of cash was lost, but a complete stranger went above and beyond to do the right thing

KOLD: Stranger with good heart saves Christmas for Tucson family

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - We’re all taught to do the right thing.

Still, it comes as a pleasant surprise when you see it happen in the real world.

A Tucson family found itself in real trouble when a wallet full of cash was lost at the Walmart on Cortaro Farms Road, right off Interstate 10.

Brittany Williams and Stephen Seal stopped to get groceries Saturday, Dec. 14. After they left to go Christmas shopping, they realized Seal’s wallet was missing.

Seal recently received his Christmas bonus so the wallet was a little heavier than normal -- about $800 heavier.

The family was sure it was gone, but a complete stranger came through for them.

“We just decided ‘there went our whole Christmas,’ pretty much just gave up at that point,” Williams said.

Lucky for Williams and Seal, the right person found the wallet.

Joshua Bailey said he was driving behind them as they left Walmart and saw Seal’s wallet fall off the top of his truck. The impact sent money flying in the middle of a busy parking lot.

Without hesitation, Bailey jumped out of his truck, dodged traffic and picked up the wallet while also grabbing the cash that was flying around.

Bailey then drove to the family’s home to return the wallet with every single dollar inside.

“It needed to be done," Bailey said. “It just has to happen, just like if someone was broken down in the middle of the road. They needed help."

“I couldn’t believe it, that man just saved our whole Christmas,” Williams said. “He did more than just save our Christmas, he just showed me there’s still good people on this Earth. There’s still honest people.”

Williams and Seal have a son with special needs and a tracheal tube. They said he will soon have surgery to get it removed.

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