Making her own path - from lawyer to deputy

New deputy hopes to someday join narcotics division

Making her own path - from lawyer to deputy

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Pima County Sheriff’s Department has a group of new deputies about to hit the streets. Each has a story and different life experiences. We met one deputy who has very interesting background.

Dep. Lyndsey Duncan just received her badge. She is excited because it’s something she didn’t think she could do at first. Before she was Dep. Duncan, she was actually Prosecutor Duncan. She says her three years working at the Pima County Attorney’s Office were very rewarding.

Her interest in law enforcement was piqued after working with the issuing unit.

Duncan saw a post to become a deputy and applied. She got in and after more than 20 weeks of training at the academy she is a deputy.

Duncan said the last two weeks were very challenging for her, but she made it.

She understands that most people go from law enforcement and then become a lawyer. Not the case for Duncan, who is making her own path.

Duncan has a few more weeks left to train with PCSD.

She says she is very excited for this new opportunity. She hopes to work patrol for a couple of years and then be a part of the narcotics division.

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