Hundreds in Tucson make voices heard on eve of impeachment vote

One of about 600 rallies taking place across the country
Hundreds in Tucson rally ahead of impeachment vote
Published: Dec. 18, 2019 at 7:50 AM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Emotions were heightened on the eve of the U.S. House of Representatives’ expected vote on President Donald Trump’s impeachment. Hundreds gathered in downtown Tucson for the “Nobody is Above the Law” rally. It was one of about 600 taking place across the country. Dozens of anti-impeachment activists also showed up make their support for the president known.

Those who attended remained respectful, avoiding physical altercations, and staying on the opposite sides of Congress Street for the most part. There was also a police presence at both rallies.

As the pro-impeachment group grew, a crowd formed all the way around the Federal Building, spilling across Granada Avenue. Chants like “Lock him up! Lock him up!” and “Impeach Trump! Impeach Trump!” rang out.

Near the State of Arizona offices, some called out “USA! USA!” and “Go Trump!” as passing motorists honked.

A group of grandmothers at the Nobody is Above the Law rally hoped a twist on some catchy Christmas tunes would make their message stick. They sang songs like “Rudolph the Red-faced Lawyer” and “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Impeachment.”

“[Trump] stands for all of the things that are the opposite of what this country and the world need,” said Lee Stanfield, a member of Raging Grannies in Tucson.

“I don’t feel like we have to convince [U.S. Representatives], but we just want them to know that we support what they are doing,” said Eve Shapiro, a Host of the Nobody is Above the Law rally.

Behind the “Make America Great Again” hats was also confidence. Should the House approve impeaching President Trump, the process will move to the Senate for a trial.

“What I hope and what I get are two different things because [the House] will impeach our President,” said Monika Stockett, a Trump supporter. “I’m not sad because I know that my president will be here tomorrow, next year and four more years.”

What both sides shared was conviction behind their views on impeachment.

“[Democrats] wanted to impeach President Trump [from the beginning]. When he was running for president, when he won. For what?” asked Stockett. “In the end, they will feel it in November.”

“We are grannies, we have been around for a long time,” said Stanfield. “We are here because we know persistence is what it takes and we will persist.”

“Stop the hate, stop the angst,” said Christopher King, the First Vice Chair of the Pima County Republican Party. “Be an adult. Let’s sit down and talk about merits versus feelings and emotions.”

“Donald Trump tried to get a foreign government to do work on his behalf,” said Shapiro. “Everything was about him, not about the country. No one is above the law.”

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