TUSD lists 25 schools in need of tax credits

TUSD lists 25 schools in need of tax credits
Cholla high school in need of tax credit (Source: KOLD)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Since we’re officially in a new year, it means it’s tax season.

In Arizona, if you owe state income taxes, instead of sending it all to the state, you can write a check for a portion to go to our schools, but some are getting half—or even a fourth of what other schools are.

Cholla High School is hoping parents will remember them when it comes to these tax credits, touting a sign to help remind them as people drive by. Cholla is one of the 25 schools TUSD lists as most-in-need. Amber Craver lives across the street.

“I work for Presidio, so I know how important the tax credits are. It’s just being a single mom, it’s impossible right now,” said Craver, who would like to donate tax credits.

Her neighborhood is in zip code 85713—the one with the most schools in need of tax credits. The average salary for people here is between $19,337 and $27, 943 a year. So, those refunds are important.

“I don’t ever owe. I always get a return, and like I said I need the money. I’m a single mom… that’s how I make it through the year,” said Craver.

On average, all TUSD schools get $49.16 per student from tax contributions, but the schools on their list, like Cholla, Hollinger K-8 School and Oyama Elementary get between $10.44 to $22.57 per student, according to the district. The school that got the least amount of money per student last year was C.E. Rose K-8 School.

The tax credit does not have to go to the school you live near. In fact, TUSD said you can choose a school, a program, even a student's educational trip. These funds regularly go to help schools pay for programs like track and field, drama club and field trips.

Individuals can contribute up to $200 or $400 when filing jointly. Below is the list of schools most-in-need of contributions, according to the district. For more information, click here.

Schools With Greatest Needs

  • C.E. Rose K-8 School
  • Vesey Elementary School
  • Erickson Elementary School
  • Lawrence 3-8 School
  • Miller Elementary School
  • Wheeler Elementary School
  • Hollinger K-8 School
  • Lynn/Urquides Elementary School
  • Secrist Middle School
  • Safford K-8 School
  • Cholla High School
  • Oyama Elementary School
  • Mary Belle McCorkle Academy of Excellence K-8
  • Banks Elementary School
  • Valencia Middle School
  • Morgan Maxwell K-8 School
  • Borman K-8 School
  • Santa Rita High School
  • Cavett Elementary School
  • Booth-Fickett Math/Science Magnet School
  • Maldonado Elementary School
  • Henry Elementary School
  • Van Buskirk Elementary School
  • Tully Elementary School
  • Utterback Middle School

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