Governor Doug Ducey pledges working relationship with new Tucson Mayor

State of the state address with Doug Ducey

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Arizona Governor Doug Ducey met new Tucson Mayor Regina Romero for the first time last week for a sit down discussion about their future relationship.

The talk went well enough the Governor hosted Romero for the annual State of the State address before the Arizona legislature Jan. 13, 2020.

“You know, I’d like to think it’s a new day,” Romero said. “He had never met me, I’d never met him.”

During the State of the State luncheon, they chatted while the Mariachi band played in the background.

The Governor told the crowd of several hundred politicians and business leaders, “it’s a pleasure to meet here with Tucson’s new Mayor.”

He went on to say “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our recent discussions.”

Followed by “the Mayor and I have committed to a partnership and I embrace it and welcome it.”

But that commitment will likely be strained.

“We told each other, we promised we would tell each other, give each other a heads up on issues we don’t agree on,” Romero said.

Differences became apparent right out of the gate.

Governor Ducey told the group he supports a referendum allowing voters to cast a ballot to add a sanctuary city amendment to the state constitution prohibiting sanctuary cities in the state.

He called Proposition 205, which the voters soundly rejected, “a troubling proposal to defy federal law.”

It was defeated by “Democrats and Republicans alike, it wasn’t even close,” he said.

Romero blasted the Governor’s proposal on Facebook, calling it “Trumpian” and “an unneeded distraction.”

“We are definitely going to disagree on issues,” Romero said. “We are going to keep each other informed on those and then keep working together on issues we do agree on.”

Those areas of agreement are infrastructure, business investment and economic development.

Those are the same areas of agreement past mayors and past governors have agreed on while agreeing to disagree on social issues.

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