Indiana artist uses Etch A Sketch to create art

FLOYDS KNOB, Ind. (WDRB/CNN) - Indiana artist Carrie Johns is using the well-known child’s toy, Etch A Sketch, to create art.

“I would definitely describe myself as a big kid,” Johns said.

Most days, you’ll find her creating in her studio, which is filled with her impressive work.

Johns says that artwork keeps her grounded when she has anxiety.

Her favorite medium does not involve a paint or a brush, but rather a child’s toy. Her canvas of choice may be an Etch A Sketch, but her work is far from child’s play.

Johns started on the Etch A Sketch when she was a kid and it didn’t take long for her to get good at making artwork on the toy. She can create a small Etch A Sketch piece of art in about two hours.

Her website shows finished products that include the Colosseum and Muhammad Ali.

When there are mistakes, Johns says that she has no choice but to draw her way out of it or flip the Etch A Sketch over and start again.

“There’s been many times where I’ve had to erase something,” Johns said.

The hardest part of the Etch A Sketch art is keeping the finished product intact for the customer, which usually involves the powder and drawing mechanisms being removed from the toy.

Johns says her work is a flashback to a simpler time and childhood we could all use.

Etch A Sketch was invented by a French electrical technician. According to the National Toy Hall of Fame, it uses static charges to hold a mixture of aluminum powder and tiny plastic beads to the inside of a clear, plastic screen.

The technician originally names the toy The Magic Screen.

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