WATCH: Fire department rescues deer from Ohio pool: ‘It was just awesome’

Deer trapped in Deer Park pool, rescued by firefighters

DEER PARK, Ohio (FOX19) - Sandy Arbino hadn’t looked out her back door in several days. When she did Friday around 11 a.m. though, she discovered something unusual about her pool.

“I happened to look out the back door and noticed my cover was in my pool,” Arbino said. “And I kept thinking, ‘Well, that’s strange.’”

Moments later, Arbino says she noticed a deer swimming in her pool.

“I was shocked,” she said. “I have had my pool for 20 years, and nothing has ever happened like this.”

Arbino says she doesn’t know how long the deer had been in the pool.

“It looked okay,” she recalled. “I think it was just tired and cold and wet.”

Arbino knew she couldn’t handle the deer on her own, so she called the Deer Park-Silverton Joint Fire Protection District.

They were at her house on Saint John Terrace within minutes, she says.

It wasn’t your typical rescue, but they were able to lift the deer out of the pool.

Arbino says the deer hung around under her deck for a little while, but eventually, it took off.

“Deer Park Fire Department is awesome,” Arbino said. “I am so glad they were here and they could help me. It’s just a feel-good story. The deer, they saved it. It was just awesome.

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