Barrio Viejo residents, workers face parking problems on neighborhood streets

Cited in front of their homes

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Residents in a downtown neighborhood claim they are being plagued with parking tickets.

Those who work and live in Barrio Viejo, near Cushing Street and Main Street, said they’re being hit with fines for what seems like a small issue.

Construction right across the street at the Tucson Convention Center originally caused a lot of event parking to overflow into the neighborhood. Park Tucson said they increased enforcement to help prevent that due to resident complaints.

Now, there are signs up on the street corners specifically stating there is no event parking in the area.

But now, it's hitting those who live there and residents are fed up with having to pay up.

"A big part of my work is in the barrio,” Antonio Guzman said.

Walk down the streets of Barrio Viejo and Guzman’s work is everywhere. Working in adobe restoration means he’s here four to five times a week. But this place that he knows and loves, has become quite a headache.

“Yeah, I got a ticket,” Guzman said. "Because I was too close to a drive way. They said I’m stopping pedestrians from walking through and as you can see there are no pedestrians walking through cactus.”

Resident Bree Rodriguez feels his pain.

“It was not the best week,” she said. "When it rained a few weeks ago, our curb filled up with quite a bit of water. I just happened to park 20 inches away from the curb and that same week we got our second parking ticket. I had to go out with a measuring tape and make sure that it was indeed 20 inches and not the 18.”

In response, Park Tucson officials said their rules are in place to keep everyone safe and that they are not out to get anyone. Officials said they typically issue a warning first and that they have no way of knowing who lives at a residence and who is just parking there.

For Guzman, he’s at a crossroads with the enforcement.

"Just know that they’re just trying to feed their families as well,” Guzman said.

And while the tickets still seem excessive, the situation is a two way street.

“So if you read the signs a little closer, it might help everyone,” Guzman said.

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