Tucson 49ers super fans root for team in Super Bowl

Tucson 49ers super fans root for team in Super Bowl
Fan decks out car in 49ers gear (Source: KOLD)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Today, the 49ers are taking on the Kansas City Chiefs for the 54th super bowl, and it’s bringing out some super fans.

There is no shortage of ‘Niner’ pride on Fourth Ave Sunday. Flags wave proudly and balloons welcome fans in, but there aren’t many people as big of a 49ers fan, as Brian Martinez.

You may have seen his car around town. It’s covered with more 49ers stickers than he even knows.

“It just started as one sticker, and from there, it just started multiplying,” said Martinez.

It’s cost a couple thousand dollars and taken about a year to get the right look, but for him, it’s just all about the pride or remembering where he grew up and the reactions.

“Some of them like it, some of them give me the thumbs down,” said Martinez.

Bubba Avalos would give his ride a thumbs up. He’s the president of the ‘Niners Empire’ chapter in Tucson. Born into tradition, his dad was a huge 49ers fan. He passed in 2010, but is still watching games with his son.

“We’ve been bringing him to ever game with us...kind of like a good luck charm,” said Avalos.

His dad’s ashes sit on a table full of 49er gear and trinkets. A Bud Light sits on top for his dad. Football was more than a tradition—it was the time and place for a father and son to bond. Watching every game together, this one is no exception.

“I’ll continue to give the traditions onto my kids,” said Avalos.

Win or lose today, these 49ers fans will continue to root for their team.

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