Pond restoration work continues at Agua Caliente Park

Pond restoration work continues at Agua Caliente Park
The main pond at Agua Caliente Park is slowly being drained of water in order to begin pond improvement work and restoration of the infrastructure. (Source: Pima County)

PIMA COUNTY - Beginning Monday, Feb. 3, the Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation and its contractor began filling Pond 1 at Agua Caliente Park, 12325 E. Roger Road, as part of a months-long restoration project.

Refilling the pond will take up to eight weeks, said Karen Simms, Natural Resources division manager for NRPR. Workers will apply a second coat of polymer sealant to the water and additional landscaping and construction work will continue.

The park has been closed since mid-October 2019. Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation plans to reopen sections of the park to the public by Feb. 28.

The work done thus far has consisted of grading and deepening the pond. The contractor also installed a polymer liner to reduce pond seepage and conserve water and constructed a wildlife island.

More information on the Pond 1 restoration may be found on the Agua Caliente Park website. During the time the park is closed, dog walkers who enjoy using the park can visit McDonald Park at 4100 N. Harrison Road.

The 101-acre park features an intermittent warm spring and ponds that are home to an exceptionally rich mix of plants and animals. Water conservation is the driving force behind the multi-stage process to restore the pond and address its long-term sustainability. Seepage from the pond’s bottom has caused significant and recurring water loss, and groundwater from the well is being continually pumped to keep the pond full.