Coyote, badger caught playing together on wildlife camera

‘Scientists have found both species benefit by hunting together’

WATCH: Badger and coyote play in Northern California

(Gray News) – There’s a lot going on in nature we humans just don’t know about.

Who knew that a coyote and badger could be buddies?

The Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) caught the playful pair in Northern California and posted the video on social media.

“Our wildlife cameras spotted a coyote and badger traveling together — the first time this type of behavior has been captured in the San Francisco Bay Area,” a tweet by the group said.

“Scientists have found both species benefit by hunting together.”

The wildlife camera is stationed at the entrance of a culvert that animals use to go safely under a highway. It caught videos of lots of other critters, too, including raccoons, bobcats and skunks.

The folks at POST say it’s not uncommon for badgers and coyotes to hunt together.

“When they work together this way, it’s a little easier for them to catch their next meals, prey species like ground squirrels,” Matt Dolkas said in a blog post by the group.

“But to see them moving through a small tunnel (or culvert) like this while playing is pretty surprising.”

POST says its vision is to create a network of protected lands where people and nature can connect and thrive.

They’re developing “safe passage” areas where wildlife can cross under and over roadways to prevent collisions.

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