Couple starts podcast to help grieving families

Couple starts podcast after losing daughter

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - It’s a simple set up inside the Barbosa’s living room.

“I just went on YouTube and figured out how to do it and I did it," said April Barbosa.

April and her husband, Joe, are spending their night around her phone, hoping their message spreads far beyond these four walls.

“Ever since my daughter was killed, I started to see things different in live and I just decided to share my thoughts.”

Her podcast is titled 'Through the Eyes of a Grieving Mother' comes from their journey of losing their daughter Rosaura Barbosa in 2018.

The 18-year-old was killed at an apartment near 22nd and Craycroft. Joshua Hilaire, Rosaura’s boyfriend at the time, recently plead guilty to second degree murder.

“It's bittersweet because I want to help people but I wish it wasn’t in this way, I wish my daughter was here. But if we have to hurt and be sad then were going to speak and do whatever we can do to help our community," said Barbosa.

It’s given them a way to piece through their pain to help other families facing loss. With only two episodes, couples have already reached out, sharing the way they listen.

"They heard our podcast. The wife explained it to him and later on she’s walking by their bedroom and he’s listening to it. And she goes in and he’s crying and he said I needed to hear this," said Barbosa.

When KOLD visited the couple, they recorded an episode going over how to better prepare for death. A hard lesson to learn in itself, but sometimes recording the episode is even more of a challenge.

"It is so difficult. We thank goodness the podcast has a pause button because we break down.”

But what makes it all worth it, their journey through pain, is helping others get through theirs by simply pushing play.

"Everything that we do to help people is for her, to bring her love and peace continue her legacy.”

Listen to the podcast HERE.

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