Tucson agencies discover faulty hydrant during fire fight

Firefighters discover faulty hydrant while fighting fire

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Tucson Fire Department and Northwest Fire District found a broken fire hydrant while fighting a fire at an apartment complex on Prince Road early Friday.

Capt. Barrett Baker said crews are trained to act quickly and create a new plan. TFD brought in a fire engine with a 750 gallon capacity.

"There's always another way of doing something," Baker said.

The department is equipped with enough fire hose to attach to fire hydrants 800 feet away.

Baker said the department doesn’t come across faulty hydrants often.

“This is a rare occurrence but you gotta be ready for plan B,” he said.

Crews controlled the fire at Mountain Ridge Apartments within 25 minutes, despite the damaged hydrant, Baker said.

Fernando Molina, a spokesperson for Tucson Water, said eight fire hydrants are currently out of service. A relatively low number compared to the 21,466 hydrants in the city.

He said the department prioritizes fixing out-of-service hydrants and is putting together a plan for regular testing. Tucson Water currently relies on local fire departments to notify them of faulty hydrants.

Officials recommend residents report any broken hydrants to Tucson Water.

Tucson Water tries fixing damaged or out of service hydrants within a day of being notified and spent $3,754,620 on fire hydrant maintenance between 2003 to 2019, Molina said.

Water crews fixed the damage hydrant on Prince Road Friday afternoon.

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