Confederate flag debate heats up following display during Tucson Rodeo Parade

Float displays Confederate flag during Tucson Rodeo Parade

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Confederate flag is again becoming a hot topic in the Tucson area.

According to the Daily Star, mayor Regina Romero and city councilwoman Lane Santa Cruz have both indicated they want the flag removed from the Tucson Rodeo Parade.

The flag was spotted this year on a float sponsored by the Arizona Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The Daily Star said Santa Cruz received calls from residents angry about the inclusion of the flag, which they called a “symbol of slavery, oppression and white supremacy.”

Romero told the Daily Star the Confederate flag “has no place in the rodeo parade or elsewhere in our community.”

Santa Cruz is asking the city to stop investing in the parade as long as the Confederate flag is displayed in the procession.

The 95th annual Tucson Rodeo Parade was held on Thursday, Feb. 20. Each year, more than 200,000 people line the route to watch the country’s longest non-mechanized parade.

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The Confederate flag also made the news in 2017, when a vendor at the Tucson Rodeo was selling replica flags.

In 2016, Marana High School banned the flag on campus following an increase in the number of students, staff and parents raising concerns.

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