Don’t touch your face: Help stop the spread of coronavirus

Not touching your face might be the best defense to preventing the coronavirus

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - One of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs and disease, is to not touch your face.

Maybe you’ve prepared for the coronavirus—bought hand sanitizers and cleaning wipes, those masks that hit headlines for not really being as useful, but the Pima County Health Department is reminding folks of something else—not to touch their face.

On average, it’s estimated people touch their faces 23 times an hour. So, the Health Department started a campaign to hopefully decrease that amount. It’s called the #FewerFaceTouches campaign.

“I came up with a total of 37 times that I touched my face, and I was hyper-aware about it,” said Emerson Kuhn, a Pima County Health Department employee who counted his face touches throughout the working day.

“It’s kind of a direct line to introducing that virus into our system,” said Paula Mandel, deputy director of the Pima County Health Department.

Our hands have easy access to our eyes, mouth and nose, which can give bacteria or viruses—like COVID-19 direct access to us after touching them.

“In the days since, if I have an itch on my face, like I do now, I don’t want to touch it and trying to keep my hands away from my face,” said Kuhn.

The health department says good hand washing or use of hand sanitizer is your best bet at keeping germs and viruses away.

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