“Buddy System”: Tucson electricians to shop for those in need amid COVID-19 concerns

Tucson businesses help residents get supplies amid virus outbreak

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - During a time where some food stores are slammed, shelves are empty and senior citizens are lining up before the sun rises for a safe shopping trip, one Tucson business is flipping the switch to shopping.

“The reality is there’s a lot of people out there who need it and aren’t able to get those supplies themselves,” said Trevor Dickerson, General Manager of Buddy Heilig & Sons Electric.

The company launched the "Buddy System” Thursday. With work slowing down and customers cancelling appointments, electricians and staff will now shop for anyone who is not able to make it to a store themselves.

“There’s people out there that are immunocompromised that can’t go out in the public, there’s elderly people or people who may not have the means to go out in the public right now," said Dickerson. "Our system aims to go shopping for those people to get them the essential items they need at no cost for delivery.”

Here’s how the “Buddy System”

1. You can find a form here. Fill out the form and submit it following the instructions given.

2. A staff member will contact you once he or she has the items in hand to let you know they are on our way to you and provide you with the total for the purchase.

3. The staff member will bring you the products and leave them at your front door or designated dropoff location. At the same time, they will pick up your reimbursement by cash or check, maintaining as little physical contact as possible and while recognizing CDC guidelines for social distancing. Credit card payments will also be accepted via phone.

Staff will be using personal protective equipment to prevent physical contact and will be following CDC guidelines.

While Buddy Heilig & Sons Electric can remain open, Dickerson said the family-owned company has still been hit hard by the coronavirus since a lot of the work is done inside customers’ homes.

Dickerson said the effort will help the company give back to the community while giving employees the opportunity to still earn a paycheck.

“Businesses are one thing, but the people who support those businesses and the people who work for those businesses are seeing it big time," said Dickerson.

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