FACT FINDERS: A coworker tested positive for COVID-19. Is it safe to go to work?

FACT FINDERS: A coworker tested positive for COVID-19. Is it safe to go to work?
An employee at a Tucson distribution center tested positive for COVID-19. (Source: KOLD News 13)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Officials announced Friday an employee at a Target distribution center in Tucson tested positive for COVID-19.

The distribution center is located at 8940 E. Rita Park Drive.

Just hours after the case was reported, KOLD News 13 Fact Finders received this question from the loved one of an employee:

“My husband works at the Target distribution center on Rita Rd. As we all know, someone was found positive for Corona Virus there. They last reported to work Sunday March 8th. If my husband works there could he be eligible to be tested? What should we do? It was over two weeks ago but he’s shown no signs of illness. Is it safe to continue working there? According to him, the place isn’t as stocked with sanitizers, wipes, etc. as the company would have everyone believe. What about our 3 y.o daughter?”

Target officials said the facility was sanitized and deep-cleaned.

We reached out to the Pima County Health Department for guidance on if the employee should get tested.

According to a representative with PCHD, all individuals are advised to consult with a healthcare provider who can better direct care. Because of the limited availability of testing, healthy people who are not exhibiting symptoms are unlikely to get tested.

Employees who believe a coworker has tested positive for COVID-19 should consult with their employer’s Human Resources Department or their supervisor for guidance about working.

The Health Department advises sick employees to stay home and those exhibiting COVID-19 are advised to stay home for at least 14 days and consult their physician if their symptoms become worse.

Are you or a loved one in a similar situation? Guidance for testing is available on here.

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