Teen’s art inspires Oro Valley healthcare workers

Teen’s art inspires Oro Valley healthcare workers
Abbey Garner used chalk and the sidewalk outside the Oro Valley Hospital to inspire healthcare workers. (Source: Darlene Garner)

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - As we report on coronavirus in the community, we want to continue to share the kindness that’s spreading through the Southern Arizona.

One example is Abbey Garner.

The 13-year-old spent part of her weekend drawing nurses, doctors and ‘thank you’ notes on the sidewalk of Oro Valley Hospital’s employee entrance.

Garner said she wanted the healthcare professionals to have something to enjoy as they walked into work. That includes her mom, Darlene, who is a nurse.

“Inspire them when they walk into work and I wanted to see the smile on their faces like when my mom gets a smile on her face when I make the artwork for her, so I just wanted to see that and I thought it would be bringing joy to their work," said Abbey.

“She had been doing the sidewalk chalk drawings in front of our house and kinda ran out of driveway,” said mom, Darlene. “At that point, she kinda mentioned what about your employee entrance, so it was kinda her idea to come over here. She knows most of my friends work over here at the hospital and she wanted to make them happy.”

Darlene said many of her coworkers made comments about the “pictures on the sidewalk” when they got to work Monday morning, which proved her daughter reached her goal.

“I said ‘well, she really wanted to make everybody smile’ and she goes, ‘well they did that - she did that,'” Darlene said.

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