Keeping a positive mental attitude during extended quarantine

Coping with COVID-19: Keeping a positive mental attitude

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - With COVID-19 guidelines in place until April 30, we’re all handling the situation in different ways.

Fear and anxiety about the disease are natural feelings, but they can be overwhelming.

So how do we cope?

While there's no single right way to cope, experts say staying connected with friends, family, and neighbors is a good place to start.

It's also important to have a positive mindset during this time.

While that's easier said than done, psychologists say shifting your focus toward helping the greater good will make a huge impact.

The fact is, we are staying at home for everyone's health.

But you don't have to feel isolated.

Instead, experts recommend changing up your mindset and maybe doing things a little differently.

“Start thinking about what you can do for other people and ways you can be helpful. Who can you call and check in on? Who can you Facetime with? How can you have your connection needs met virtually?” Dr. Dave Sbarra, a licensed clinical psychologist, said.

Sbarra added another way to feel better is to spend time outside.

Exposure to sunlight helps your brain release the hormone serotonin, which helps boost your mood and can help you feel calmer and more focused.

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