With more families at home, fire safety can’t wait

With more families at home, fire safety can't wait

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - According to the National Fire Protection Association, a home fire happens every 86 seconds.

With more families at home over the next few weeks, fire safety can't wait.

Typically during the school year, firefighters and teachers do their part in teaching kids about the dangers of fire and what to do if one ever happens in their home.

But with school out, the Northwest Fire District is stepping in to help teach those important lessons through social media.

Fire officials are making short videos to teach kids and parents about fire hazards.

That starts with matches and lighters laying around the house.

Maybe you're using them to light a candle or the grill, but officials warn don't leave them on counters for little hands to grab.

You should also pick different spots in your home to charge devices. Overloading wall outlets and power strips can cause an electrical fire.

Another important question to ask, if anything were to happen while you're not at home, do your children know their address to tell 911?

Northwest Fire District is trying to help answer some of those questions.

“What we are doing right now is making short videos for social media that kids can view with their families and talk about together. We’re also putting up our regular school lessons in a video format,” Crystal Kasnoff, community affairs manager for Northwest Fire District, said.

Kasnoff added smoke alarms should be located on every level of the home, in each bedroom, and near all sleeping areas. Parents should test them monthly to make sure they’re working.

Families should also develop and practice a home escape plan so everyone knows what to do in a fire and can escape quickly and safely.

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