Tucson business gives back to first responders during COVID-19 crisis

Business helps first responders during COVID-19 crisis

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - During the COVID-19 crisis, the owners of one Tucson family restaurant hopes to give back to first responders by making them meal kits.

Carlotta’s Kitchen, a US Department of Agriculture food company named after Chef Carlotta Flores, is preparing the meals. The food company creates recipes used by El Charro, El Charro Steak, Charrovida and El Charro Del Rey.

“Our family is in the food business, food is typically an act of comfort, an act of healing,” said Chef Carlotta’s son Ray Flores of Flores Concepts.

He said Carlotta's Kitchen is hoping to relieve some of the stress from first responders by giving them ready-to-go meals.

"We want them focused on helping the community, not on what they're going to cook or how they're going to get food," he said.

Tucson Fire stations and dispatch centers received boxes of tamales, chips, salsa and other menu items Tuesday, April 7, 2020.

“It’s incredibly helpful because here at 911 our folks are locked in the building and it’s really difficult for them to get out to get meals,” said 911 administrator Geoff Kuhn. “When people help us out, like today, it’s incredibly good for morale.”

Andy Stead, a charity director for the Tucson Fire Department, and Amber Smith, president and chief executive officer of the Tucson Metro Chamber, and others are helping to find the best way to deliver food to the stations over the next four weeks.

"The first responder population in Tucson, that community, is so critical to all of us during this time of need and going forward," Flores said.

Carlotta’s Kitchen plans to provide meal kits through May 5.

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