Coronado K-8 teachers have parade to see students

Coronado K-8 hold drive by parade

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Usually, at around 3 p.m., kids are getting out of school, but with COVID-19 they are at home and teachers around Tucson are missing their students. So much so, some teachers at Coronado K-8 School held a parade Tuesday.

A few final touches with streamer and blue and white flowers made from tissue and paper towels, make Lisa Boyd and Jennifer Cruce’s truck ready to hit the road.

“We’re going all over Catalina to go honk and wave at all the kids we’ve been missing,” said Boyd, a teacher at Coronado K-8.

More than a dozen teachers showed up in their cars with signs and smiles ready to see their students, and their students were ready to see them too.

“God bless you, and we miss you very much,” said Talia Cajigas, who was standing with a sign waiting for her teachers.

Her sign said all she wanted to: “God bless you.”

Other kids held signs that read “stay well,” or “we miss you.” Quick and short messages that made a huge impact.

The route the teachers took was within about a 10-minute walk from the majority of families at Coronado K-8.

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