Families looking to Facebook groups for homeschooling resources, ideas

Staying calm while teaching at home

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - It's been nearly a month since schools closed to prevent the spread of COVID19, and not everyone feels prepared to teach from home.

While most school districts have organized distant learning plans, parents new to homeschooling can still feel a little overwhelmed.

That's why homeschooling groups on Facebook have seen a surge in followers.

KOLD News 13 spoke with a member of the Sonoran Desert Homeschoolers group. Her biggest piece of advice: don't stress.

"Right now, the parents' attitude, the parents' ability to stay sane and calm is really really important. We have to try and support ourselves. That starts with looking at your own priorities. What are your priorities? If you were choosing, how would you have the day go?"

Shay Salomon, a member of the Sonoran Desert Homeschoolers group, said.

While kids have lists of online lessons to complete, don't feel overwhelmed by the workload. Schools are prepared to play a little catch up if necessary when the next school year begins.

Another thing to consider is making a schedule.

Research shows kids are more likely to thrive on a consistent routine. If cute color-coded schedules and elaborate crafts don't work for your family though, that's OK. he important thing is that your kids are learning.

If you feel there's too much work, talk to the school. Make a plan of attack with teachers to get what needs to be done, done.

There are also lots of community resources available at your fingertips.

Here are some online resources offering lesson plans and activities for kids of all ages:

  • Teachers Pay Teachers – this site offers free and paid downloads of original teaching materials made by educators.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – a fun and adventurous Youtube channel that offers free yoga classes for kids.
  • Moving Beyond the Page – this is an order in curriculum that offers a month to month payment schedule. It is not free, however, this option is well rounded and packed with instructional materials for all grade levels.
  • Scholastics – offering free online courses to help students keep on track.
  • Mosaic Literary Magazine– for teenagers and highschoolers, Mosaic offers free lesson plans directly related to black literature and culture. 

Here's a link to the Pima County Library's online book resources if we want to hyperlink it.

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