Gov. Ducey: Arizona COVID-19 response going in the ‘right direction’

Gov. Ducey gives a COVID-19 update

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - In his first press conference since the stay-at-home order expired May 15, Gov. Doug Ducey said Arizona is making progress.

With the state now open, data show that the percentage of people testing positive for COVID-19 cases is going down.

“Symptoms, cases, hospital capacity, and testing, we’re going in the right direction in each of those,” Ducey said.

What has been rising is unemployment nationwide.

The Department of Economic Security data show there were 31,901 claims during the week of May 16, up from 869 the week of May 9.

The governor said more than $1.1 billion has been distributed in benefits but believes Arizonans want to get back to work.

When asked by a reporter about whether employers should be informing DES that an employee's refusing a job, Ducey said:

“We wanted to have some flexibility especially for people who may have some kind of underlying health condition but we want to work to get our economy going again. They should contact the employee, find out the situation, and then communicate whatever the information is.”

There are some concerns about a possible second wave with the state re-open, to which the governor said that they will monitor the data and proceed with caution if it goes in a different direction.

Meanwhile, Tucson city leaders are taking it slow with some things closed at least until June 8.

“The guidance that we have put out is statewide, and that’s what we would expect the municipalities to follow. Those are the guidelines,” Ducey said about municipalities.

With the progress, there’s no word on moving to phase two. Instead, it’s to continue slowly to keep the state healthy.

"Arizona’s plan is working and we are going to proceed with caution.”

As for what’s next in line to re-open, Ducey says their goal is to have summer camps open for kids and will lay out a plan for schools to re-open in the fall.

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