Fireman Robb hopes new tune helps prevent drownings, keeps spirits afloat

Fireman Robb sings new tune to prevent drownings, keep spirits afloat

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - You may have seen him on fire safety commercials such as “Stop, Drop and Roll,” “Cool Pool Rules” and “Save the Holidays,” but “Fireman Robb” is singing a new tune these days.

The Division Chief of Golder Ranch Fire District hopes to reach an older audience with “Thank God for the Lake.” Scott Robb plans to use his talent to provide an escape from all the heaviness that surrounds the coronavirus.

“I would like to be able to take listeners to that happy place,” Robb said. “I wanted to try to get something out that was uplifting for people, and you can never have a bad day at the lake.”

Robb has been fighting fires for 20 years and has been singing even longer.

“I got into music right out of high school and tinkered around in a few college bands,” he said. “I was doing both and then fire became a career and music had to take a little bit of a back seat.”

He started writing music for his kids 10 years ago, creating his “Fireman Robb” character to teach some valuable lessons.

“We know the power of music and how something will get stuck in your brain on loop. So, why not have it be an important safety message?” he said.

It’s Robb’s passion for protecting people that drove him to donate proceeds from “Thank God for the Lake” to the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona this month.

“We have been fortunate enough in Pima County to last year have zero pediatric drownings and we really want to keep it that way,” Robb said. “[Even in a pandemic, drowning is still a concern] and could be more of a concern because people are in their pools more and they have less to do, so we really want to make sure people know how to swim.”

Robb, continuing to use his music to prevent tragedies, also hopes to keep spirits afloat.

“Thank God for the Lake” will soon be available on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also listen to it right now on

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