Crews, volunteers clean up Sunday after second night of protests

Crews, volunteers clean up Sunday after another night of protests

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - After another night of protests along downtown and around Fourth Avenue, crews and volunteers were out on Sunday, May 31, cleaning up.

Sunday morning, remnants of apparent pepper ball sprays were strewn along Seventh Street, right below a wall of patriotism covered with red, white and blue and stars and stripes. Fox Konold was cleaning it.

“This is my hometown, and I’m really proud of the support that came out last night, and unity that came out, there’s a little collateral,” said Konold.

She said while she supports the message behind the protests, she also wants to support local, small businesses that have already felt a large impact from COVID-19.

“I want people to speak out, but I also want my town to survive,” she said.

She was not alone. A complete stranger, Ricardo Ramirez, was taking pictures of the wall—a metaphor for what’s happening in the country, when he decided to help.

“I thought it was cool what she was doing,” said Ramirez. “I couldn’t just, like, be outside of it.”

Across the pepper balled street—another group, teenagers—grabbed a trash bag and picked up trash.

“We just saw people are tearing apart the community,” Luke Durocher, who was picking up trash, said. “(We) don’t like it. We want to fix it up.”

A community came together Saturday, and a community came together Sunday morning. Mayor Regina Romero and about 75 volunteers also cleaned up, alongside crews removing graffiti for another night.

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