GRAPHIC CONTENT: Tucson Police report details policy violations during in-custody death of Carlos Adrian Ingram-Lopez

Ingram-Lopez died April 21 after officers responded to a call for help
Footage shows the officers responding to the call on April 21, 2020.
Footage shows the officers responding to the call on April 21, 2020.(Source: TPD)
Updated: Jun. 25, 2020 at 10:58 AM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - They were dispatched to an “unknown trouble” call that ended in the death of a 27-year-old man.

A personnel report, released by the Tucson Police Department a press conference Wednesday, details the policy violations made by three, now former, officers on April 21, 2020.

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Carlos Adrian Ingram-Lopez was pronounced dead after officers responded to the call. The TPD said three officers resigned after the incident. Chief Chris Magnus said they would’ve been terminated following the investigation.

The former officers were identified as Jonathan Jackson, Samuel Routledge and Ryan Starbuck.

Jonathan Jackson, Samuel Routledge and Ryan Starbuck resigned from the Tucson Police Department...
Jonathan Jackson, Samuel Routledge and Ryan Starbuck resigned from the Tucson Police Department after Carlos Adrian Ingram-Lopez died while in custody in April.(Tucson Police Department)

According to a TPD personnel report, which can be read HERE, the three were guilty of failing to take appropriate action, use of force and actions on duty.

“The investigation revealed a series of actions by each of the three focus officers that showed complete disregard for the training provided to each, disregard for established policy, but most importantly an apparent indifference or inability to recognize an individual in medical distress and take the appropriate action to mitigate the distress,” Assistant Chief Kevin Hall wrote in his investigation.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Video from this news conference contains nudity, foul language and death.

The footage from Jackson’s bodyworn camera showed the officers going into the garage of the home. Ingram-Lopez was naked in the corner. The report states he “immediately complied with the officers commands to get on the ground and laid prone onto his stomach.”

“Additionally, Mr. Ingram-Lopez can be heard screaming and yelling, making statements like “I’m sorry.”

What appeared to be a struggle to detain Ingram-Lopez was stated in the report, which mentioned “trained techniques were not followed” when putting handcuffs on Ingram-Lopez.

Less than three minutes into the incident, Ingram-Lopez asked for water. He continued to ask for water more than 20 times over what appears to be nearly eight minutes.

“Oh, I can’t breathe - can I please have some water?” can be heard on the footage.

The report states Ingram-Lopez’s grandmother gave one of the officers a bottle of water, but he did not give it to Ingram-Lopez. According to the report, the officer stated ”when he calms down, he can get what he wants.”

Just after nine minutes into the incident, Ingram-Lopez called out for his “Nana” and that wasn’t the only time.

Officers put a yellow cover, or what is referred to as an emergency blanket on Ingram-Lopez, which appeared to cover his head. An officer told investigators he put the cover down, in part, because he was naked.

Ingram-Lopez was left handcuffed and facedown, which was “against all training provided.” The report states officers “intermittently applied pressure to his torso and legs for 12 minutes.”

The report includes several mentions that officers should have acted when the situation turned into a medical issue, as Ingram-Lopez was showing signs of being overheated, a major symptom of excited deliruim, and hallucination.

1:57. According to the report, that was the time between Ingram-Lopez’s last audible sound to the time officers started to place him in a recovery position.

The report states all three of the former officers had relevant training for responding to incidents of mental health, first aid and more.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: This body cam video contains nudity, foul language and death.

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