Gov. Ducey calls out restaurants and bars, reminds them to follow rules

Some local businesses could lose their liquor license due to overcrowding

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - As coronavirus cases continue to spike, Arizona Govenor Doug Ducey is putting the state “on pause.”

He said this during a press conference Thursday, addressing the recent numbers.

During the conference, Ducey called out several Scottsdale businesses that were not following the rules of re-opening. He called them "bad actors" that needed to be held accountable.

The Arizona State Department of Liquor Licenses and Control said in Tucson, only one businesses had their license suspended for violating the executive order.

The Department said Chuy’s Mesquite Broiler in Oro Valley had it’s license suspended to “provide for public health and safety.”

That license has since been reinstated.

Other bars and restaurants are being cautious during this time, like Frog n Firkin on University Boulevard.

“We’re not trying to risk that and we’re not trying to be the party place I’m not going to let it happen,” said General Manager, Jonathan Graham. “We take care of our people. Including masks, everyone of my employees wears a masks everyone one of my employees or delivery drivers when they come into the building gets their temperature checked.”

It’s been a struggle at times. Back in May KOLD visited the patio and found it packed after re-opening.

Staff informed us they had to ask guests to leave if they didn’t properly social distance despite their best efforts to remove tables.

On Thursday, the patio was pretty empty but they’re still not messing around with their liquor license, something that’s at risk if they don’t adhere to the Governor’s rules.

"If they choose not to there will be accountability and there will be enforcement and there will be more for bad actors," said Gov. Ducey.

When talking about the businesses in Scottsdale Governor Ducey called out, Graham says he isn’t surprised.

“I’ve seen it, I’ve seen those clubs I’ve seen those bars who say screw it and we’re going to do whatever we can do until someone shuts us down. Not a risk I’m willing to take.”

But being a mom-and pop business, they’re not willing to roll the dice on being shut down, or their customers safety.

“Not only it’s selfish to think oh if I do that I’m going to lose my liquor license it’s selfish to think that you’re potentially—everyone that comes in is getting infected. And you cant do that,” said Graham.

And even though it’s summer and the crowds are smaller, they’re already looking ahead to the fall. Constantly communicating on how to keep it safe for students and staff.

“We’re looking out for more than just us, so we’re trying to keep it as safe as possible. so yes those conversations has come and come on the daily.”

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