Business becomes target of hate twice

Anti-black lives stickers posted around downtown over the weekend

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Tucson Police are investigating after hateful signs were left on a 4th Avenue business.

The store, How Sweet It Was, had several anti-black lives matter stickers placed on it over the weekend.

And it's not the first time.

“I’m just—‘I’m at a loss,” said owner Crissy Burgstaler.

Twice now her business has become a target of hate. This time it was her windows covered in several stickers that said things like "race traitors" with derogatory language beneath it.

Hateful stickers found posted in downtown Tucson
Hateful stickers found posted in downtown Tucson (Source: KOLD)

The other side of her windows are still covered in boards where it used to say "Justice for George Floyd."

Burgstaler said her window was not broken during the initial protests on May 29th. This happened several days later in June, with no others in the area being targeted.

"To me it just made the message more powerful, to me it proved to me that see, we have a problem for anyone who was previously unconvinced," said Burgstaler.

Despite the two incidents, the business owner isn’t backing down. The window can be replaced, and the the stickers were removed. Instead, she wants this to draw attention to the real problem right before our eyes.

"It is time—it is past time that we all open our eyes and cut it out and educate ourselves and listen to these voices who have been telling us this for so—so long," said Burgstaler, who doesn't want to necessarily be in the spotlight. "I just feel that there are so many activists that have been doing the hard work for so long and I wish it was them being interviewed, but here I am."

Tucson Police say at this time they do not have any suspects, but if anyone knows anything, they’re asked to call TPD.

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