CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Provoked bison attacks woman at Yellowstone National Park

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/CNN) - A bison encounter that left a woman injured at Yellowstone National Park was captured on camera by a family camping nearby.

“The lady got way too close, she just kept provoking the bison,” Jake Larsen said. “She was trying to reach her hand out and pet the thing.”

The Larsens watched a woman at a campsite near theirs as she repeatedly got close to one of the two roaming animals.

“I could hear the bison making noises and blowing steam out,” Jenna Larsen said. “It was just an accident waiting to happen at that point.”

Jenna was recording the moment the bison began to charge.

“She got thrown initially maybe 10, 15 feet in the air across and she was unconscious briefly,” Jodi Larsen said. “She got up, it hit her again.”

Jodi, a nurse, went to help the woman, who had no memory of what happened to her. Yellowstone National Park identified her as a 72-year-old from California.

The woman was airlifted to an Idaho hospital, where she’s since been released.

The Larsens say that from the moment you arrive at the park, there are signs everywhere saying don’t approach the wildlife.

“If you don’t bug them, they’re not going to bug you,” Jenna said. “That’s where they live and people need to be respectful of that.”

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