CAUGHT ON CAMERA: New York man accidentally sets home on fire with fireworks

NEW YORK (WPIX/CNN) -- A man in New York was arrested for reportedly setting off fireworks that burned down his own home.

Captured on video is 36-year-old Damien Bend shooting off illegal fireworks from his driveway with friends last Friday night.

A firework shell lands inside Bend’s home through an open window, unnoticed by the group.

“They were doing it in such a confined area that it was bound to happen,” said Captain Michael Koco with the New York City Fire Department. “It was a recipe for disaster right there.”

The group continued to set off more illegal fireworks, seemingly oblivious of the fire, which became so large it damaged an adjacent home.

About seven minutes after the fire began, someone in the group finally notices the house is burning. Another person then tries to contain the fire with a garden hose.

“In actuality, it’s an explosive, so you need somebody who is a professional and is trained to handle these things,” Koco said.

The fire was later put out and Bend was arrested on arson charges.

In the last nine days, New York City fire marshals have arrested 17 people and confiscated nearly $37,000 worth of illegal fireworks.

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