8-year-old Tucson girl writes, publishes book for brother with disabilities

Sister writes book inspired by her brother

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A Tucson girl is standing up to bullies in her own way by writing a book.

Coralyn Weeks was tired of kids not understanding the disabilities her brother has.

They might be a year apart, Coralyn and Rikson Weeks, but this brother and sister might as well be the best friends.

“Neither of them would be where they are without the other one,” said Emily Weeks, their mother.

Rikson, Coralyn’s little brother, was born with cerebral palsy, fragile x syndrome, and a spinal cord malfunction, among other things. Seeing how the two play, you would hardly notice any differences, but when you see Rikson through Coralyn’s eyes—there are none. But, that wasn’t the case with other kids.

“I came home crying in tears…because everybody was making fun of my brother and me,” said Coralyn.

The 8-year-old did not understand why kids would tease and make fun of them, but her mom explained many simply do not understand what disabilities are and what they mean.

Coralyn always has figured out a way that Rikson can do anything she can, from swimming together, hiking Mount Lemmon and even running 5Ks and 10Ks together.

“She told me, ‘I’m going to write a book because if they better understand, then maybe they’ll be nicer,’” said Emily.

The fiery third grader did just that—she wrote a book about her brother, the disabilities he has, and how they make him—and anyone else—no different than herself. It became her mission to spread the message far. When Civin Media Relations published the book, her dream was one step closer to reality. Titled, Just Figure Out A Way, the book shows how this sister was able to take her brother biking, running, swimming and even how they communicate through ASL.

“To show everybody that just because someone’s different, and they don’t look the same or act the same, they can do anything you can do,” said Coralyn.

The book has been out for about a week and is only sold on the publisher’s website.

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