Pima County Sheriff addresses plan for reform

Pima County Sheriff plan for reform

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Pima County Sheriff has released a 12-page reform package designed to address the nationwide calls for police to change many of their practices, especially those surrounding use of force.

The reform package is called ACT and can be read HERE.

Sheriff Mark Napier, in releasing the reforms said the reform plan will be “going back and looking at our use of force policies, revising them and refreshing them.”

Those reforms include choke holds, which are prohibited except under extreme circumstances, shooting at moving cars and no-knock searches.

But no place in the reform package does it address the use of body cams.

“What I am opposed to is this narrative that the only way to hold law enforcement accountable is to have body cams,” Napier said.

That goes against a Democratic plan to reform police which can be found below.

Under the reforms, the Sheriff will ask the Pima County Board of Supervisors for a supplemental appropriation to hire six to eight additional staff who will respond to calls where an armed officer with a badge is not needed.

“It would probably be six to eight positions,” Napier said. “Community engagement specialists who have an undergraduate degree is sociology, psychology, social work and other academic specialists where appropriate.”

He also wants to establish a citizens review council as well as discontinue what is known as the 1033 policy.

That’s the policy which allows local police agencies to purchase surplus military equipment although Napier says his office has made sparse use of the program over the years.

Napier believes the time for reform is long overdue.

“I see things through the lens of somebody whose been in this position 30 plus years,” he said. “I can’t see it through the lens of an African American or a person of color.”

And goes on to say “I think integrating that into the way we review things, makes sense.”

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