Despite heat, COVID-19 people out on University Friday

Handling the Heat

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Several days of above 100 degree temperatures and more on the horizon, Tucsonans were still heading outside Friday.

In a time when many have been cooped-up indoors, seems people aren’t minding the increase in temps. Michael Lopez has been working from home during the pandemic—a native Tucsonan, he’s been itching to get outside. Mask in hand, and distance around, he sat with his laptop open.

“You do get tired of being inside,” he said. “Tucson still has places you can go, and there’s not a big crowd.”

Friday, he worked from University Blvd, where Isabella Johnson and her dad were walking after touring the University of Arizona. Johnson is planning to attend UArizona in the fall, and stay on campus. But, recent spikes in COVID-19 cases are leaving things up in the air.

“Hopefully it opens up,” she said.

Some were eating outside, as restaurants spread patrons around. It’s one city street—showing the sign of the times. Restaurants ordered at 50 percent capacity, work from home recommended, masks in public and school—a hopeful start in the fall. Many hoping COVID-19 cases will drop with temperatures soon.

“I want people to start wearing masks so this can go away sooner,” said Johnson.

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