Hot cars could hit deadly temperatures this weekend

Hot cars could hit deadly temperatures this weekend

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The summer heat in Arizona is certainly something to contend with and can turn deadly in minutes.

That’s especially true inside a car.

But exactly how fast does your car heat up and how hot does it really get?

According to safety experts, in just the first 10 minutes your car is parked, the temperature inside your car rises 19 degrees.

In the next 10 minutes, it rises another 10 degrees.

So if it’s 110 degrees outside, a temperature southern Arizona will see this weekend, within 10 minutes, the inside of your car will reach 129.

Within 20 minutes, the inside will reach 139.

To put that into perspective, when your core body temperature hits 104 it’s overwhelmed. You start to see symptoms of heat exhaustion.

If our bodies reach 107, it can be fatal.

“With the air conditioning off and the windows rolled up, it’s like an oven in there. People can die within 15-20 minutes of being in a hot car, especially with this heat advisory out there. Even in the shade, it’s critical,” Battalion Chief John Walka of the Rural Metro Fire Department said.

Walka said that every time they get a call related to a child or pet left in a hot car, first responders just hope they make it on time.

To ensure you can keep cool while driving to/from work or running errands, experts advise:

  • Parking in the shade when you can
  • Covering your steering wheel with a towel
  • Ventilating your vehicle. Ventilation will help to make sure air is moving throughout your vehicle when it is parked. You can crack the windows and make sure that your air vents are all set to the open position. 
  • Consider a cooling seat cover
  • Allow your car a few minutes to cool down before getting in

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